(All) These Shoes Were Made for Walking. Si.

The course project was handed out today – and in an effort to try to better understand the city we’ll be drawing, we took a long (long) walk. The course project is going to require students to work collaboratively in teams and collaboratively across teams to draw, connect and assemble a new map of Rome – inspired by Nolli and Piranesi, by our research into this urban fabric, by our experiences along these streets and in these monuments, by history, narrative, myth and everyday life. Walking this city was an attempt to bring the studio group together, to understand the boundaries and edges of adjacent sites, to come to know the spaces and experience of these sites and to build an overall sense of the landscape we’ll be exploring.

It took us 5 hours (from 10:30 to 3:30), about 20,000 steps (according to my trusty pedometer), about 9.5 miles, burning about 3,300 calories and about 20 flights of stairs.



  1. Alexi

    Best of luck to everyone, it’s a great project. I’m excited to see the final drawings! Who was fortunate enough to get San Calino alle Quattro Fontane?

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