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This past weekend we took a trip to Florence where we focused on conception, absorption, perception, and exploration.  Our success in these foci were managed through the importance of sketching observations of our surroundings. We were not only given the opportunity to wander the intimate city visiting beautiful works such as: Florence Cathedral, Santa Maria Novella, San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapels, The Boboli Gardens, and the Uffizi, but we were also given the opportunity to learn through drawing more than the naked eye can understand.  By drawing from life, I have learned my brain wants to dissolve each and every detail of my surroundings to better understand them as they stand alone as well as with their own surroundings and lastly within the larger scope of the entire city.

Personally, I found myself beginning to imagine each building as a piece of art carved from a block.This not only let me understand the geometric relations of the building compared to itself but also to its surroundings.  I began to better understand the notion of perspective, all lines originate from vanishing points, therefore are all dependent on one another to create a mass. Furthermore, by closely studying my surroundings, I discovered that the ornamentation on each building tells a story of its history and purpose within its time weather through material type linking the architecture to a certain time period or sculptures signifying important people or moments in history that bear meaning to the purpose of the architecture.

I did not realize how quickly I would settle down into this new crazy environment and life change until I found myself missing Rome during our weekend trip to Florence.

Our trip to Florence was centered around exploration, being set free to get lost in order to learn.  I did just this.  As I had recently traveled Florence prior to this weekend trip I found I had a base knowledge of my whereabouts, from there I ventured to new places, mainly the nooks and crannies of the city.  From doing so, I believe I have become more comfortable in my choices to venture out of my comfort zone, walking alone to places, trying out different restaurants and styles of stores, and visiting the no less important but certainly less famous architecture throughout the city.  I brought this new comfortably back with my to Rome as each day I increasingly relate it to home, and becoming more cultured in doing so.

Thus far Italy has proven to continue to amaze me as each time I turn a corner, something new introduces itself to me and inspires me to grasp for more.  I have an endless thirst to understand my surroundings in all aspects of its layers, its historical purpose, its evolution throughout time and its modern juxtaposition within an ancient setting. I cant wait to continue to be surprised!!!

IMG_4382 IMG_4408 IMG_4432 IMG_4400 IMG_4385


  1. brownie9427

    KBSmith, thank you for the kind words, the thought to caption my photos slipped me! Great tip for future references, I will find time to add captions on my past posts as well.

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