A (returned) Donation to St. Patrick

Yun was drawing at the Pozzo di San Patrizio and she opened her sketchbook a little too far.  2 pages fell out and floated down the well; one thankfully was pulled by a little draft of air into a window and some noble colleagues raced down to try to reach the second drawing before it met a wet doom.  Yun, determined to save her drawing (that’s commitment, I tell you), ran downstairs and splashed her hands in the well – eventually drawing (sorry) her soggy sketch (a watercolor, co-incidentally) toward her and saving it. Legend has it that the well is so named after a similar site in Ireland – which goes so deep as to reach purgatory.  Thankfully, here in Orvieto, no such fate awaited Yun’s drawing. (At about the 7 second mark, you can see a shadow racing behind the windows near the top of the screen – the Usain Bolt sprint to the bottom of the well to save a drawing!)

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