Italy by the Numbers.

On average, per person.

# of steps:  710,078

# of miles walked: 344.17

# of floors climbed: 1,341

# of calories burned: 146,139

# of calories consumed: 146,138

percentage of consumed calories from pasta, pizza and kebab consumption: 70%

percentage of consumed calories from Red Bull, Nutella, Coffee and Croissants: 30%

Average number of sheets of drawing paper (per group) for final project: 12

# of actual sheets used in preparing final project drawings: 200+

Average number of sketchbooks (per student) completed: 2

# of times the word “Palimpsest” was uttered: 7,000,000.778

# of times the word “Palimpsest” induced a coma: 6,999,900.528.

Average amount of sleep post final review (in hours): 16 hours.

Longest drawing streak: 33 hours.

# of times Jordan lost his sketchbook: 3

# of times he recovered it: 2

# of new sketchbooks purchased by Jordan: 2

# of times the girls got locked out of their apartment: 3 (that I know of)

Number of phones Jess has gone through:  *error*

Average number of shoes brought by the guys (each): 1.25

Average number of shoes brought by Jess: 9

# of ukelele’s purchased: 1

# of recorders purchased: 1

Study abroad band name under consideration “Palimptastic”

Number of miles Jordan and Charlie had to walk to get to the Island of Venice from their “Jolly” hostel: 4

# of games of chess Charlie won against Peter: 200

# of games of chess played by Charlie and Peter: 205

# of times Yun’s head almost exploded from excitement: 3 times per day (min).

# of near falling into a Venetian canal: 1 (that I know of)

# of drawing contracts for a book to be published by Mondadori Press: 1

# of times Yun said “Why is every city we visit better than Rome?!”: 3

# of cities we visited (aside from Rome): 3 (Venice, Florence, Orvieto)

# of hours left until our departure from Rome: 19.




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