Getting Down to Business

We’ve been in Istanbul for about 5 days now. We hit the ground running on Saturday, about two hours after our arrival into the city, we talked down Istiklal Caddesi, ate durums at Durumzade, took in a panoramic view of the Golden Horn from Kasimpasa, walked through Galata, past our Center, along Tophane and the Sea Road and onto the waterside park in Findikli – taking in Istanbul, the Bosphorus, Asia in the distance. Sunday was no different; we kicked things off with an orientation to neighborhoods, our design center and a walk around the Beyoglu neighborhood.  We’ve kept up the pace these past few days, getting oriented to public transport (funiculars!  ferries!  trams!  busses!), to finding familiarity in the wonderful chaos of Constaninople.  Classes kicked in on Monday and Tuesday with site visits, precedent study visits, history class and two primer lectures on Byzantium and Sinan.  Today, we followed all that up with even more context – a long boat ride on the Bosphorous, ping-ponging across the strait, Europe to Asia and back, with a long visit up to Yoros Castle at the Asian side village of Anadolou Kavagi.  We hiked up to the castle to take in the view, to understand the vast liquid network that underpins Istanbul and is so important a part of its experience.  The under-construction Third Bosphorous Bridge framed our view of the Black Sea and we meandered back down to the village for a seafood meal before the journey back to urban heart of the city, sketchbooks in hand – pencils aloft. 1Istiklal Caddesi on a Saturday Night

2Durum at Durumzade

3A grey Istanbul sky and Bosphorus

4Turkish Breakfast

5Getting used to boats (and insistent orange juice sellers on boats)

6Drawing at Besiktas

7The under-construction third Bridge…

8Like they just stepped out of a Salon.

9   Getting down to business on the Black Sea.

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