Peter Matheson here.

Istanbul is an attack on the senses. You’ve already seen plenty of photos, and I can’t blog “scratch n’ sniff”, so here’s what I can give you: the soundscape of Istanbul.

Also I get nervous when I speak Turkish.


A walk down the main drag: Istiklal Caddesi. Street performers and the nostalgic tram.

Daily Chai (Çay) I started with 4 sugar cubes (Şeker) per cup, I’ve cut down to two. Ozayr consumes about a gallon of Çay everyday.

Descending through echoey metro tunnels.

Swipe your metro pass and walk through the turnstyle.

The train arrives. No talking on the metro. Absolutely forbidden.

One of the more aggressive Simit (bagel) vendors.

One of the more aggressive spice vendors.

Some of the more aggressive Bosphorus ferry men.

You’ll have to guess what this sound is. Answer at the bottom of the page.

My favorite clip. Very Istanbul.

Part of the call to prayer (ezan) from one mosque.

The whole call to prayer from every mosque.

The Imam leading a service from the mimbar (raised platform) during worship inside Yeni Cami (mosque).

It can be very quiet inside a mosque during service. You can hear a clock ticking, even with hundreds of people in the room.

My first conversation in Turkish. “Hello, hello Abdul. My name’s Peter. What’s your name. My name is Murad, Mr. Murad. Hello Mr. Murad. Burek (bread stuff) with meat. Thanks.”

My second conversation in Turkish. “Thanks Mr. Murad. ???????? What’s your name? Suma. Suma. Thank you. Thank you. Good morning.”

The sizzle of a rotating tower of meat (kebab)

Birthday boy Jordan uses a hammer and a chisel to crack open a flaming, salt-encrusted chicken.

This is what an on-site lecture sounds like.

This is what a spotify ad sounds like in Turkish.

One of the many flutes on Istiklal.


Well those are all the sounds I’ve collected. My collection is missing an essential Istunbul sound: the horrifying chant of soccer fans as they march through the streets. Maybe I’ll slip Jack 20 Lira and he’ll let me post his recording. Until next time 😉

A: Walking past a blind man with his cane.


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