BOATS, BOATS, BOATS (and a little about the weather)

Heres a little clip to get you excited about my blog post:


I love boats. I think most Minnesotans should. They are the ultimate sign that summer is starting. Whether in the states, Italy, or Turkey, my favorite thing would probably be the water. Each place has a water condition that is unique in its own way. Venice is completely connected by water, making boat the only way to travel and a city people dream of going to. Minnesota has an unparalleled amount of lakes, home of people who find a way to make anything possible on water. Istanbul has water that separates two continents (my personal favorite). HOW COOL IS THAT.

Last week we went on a (you guessed it) boat and it was my favorite day of the trip so far. I think it was the day I fell in love with the city. We went on a cruise down the Bosphorus to a small town on the Asian side of the water called Anadolu Kavagi. We climbed and climbed the mountain of this small town until we got to the top, where we looked out over the city, seeing the Black Sea for the first time, Europe, and Asia, all at the same time. I can now cross that off the bucket list.

I loved that small town because you can see just how much of an impact the water has on the lifestyles here. It made it clear why we are studying it for our projects.

On Friday, we had our first precedent study review, and it was linked to, of course, boats. My group (special shout out to Peter, Megan, and Sam) had the ferry stop Besiktas, located on the European side of the city. I loved our site in particular because it reminded me of home. It especially reminded me of home around this time of year. I think there are few things that excite me more than the first time the weather reaches over 60 degrees back home (which I hear it did this week) People are excited, friendly, active, and outside. I miss the first time the sun comes out enough to wear a tee shirt. I miss the excitement of the work week being over and people enjoying each other’s company on a Friday night, knowing that you can push your duties aside for just a while to enjoy people, life, and your surroundings.

I have to say though, while nothing can compare to the summers and springs I spent outside in Minnesota, Istanbul’s atmosphere excites me just as much. Watching everyday life of people on our site, enjoying the waterfront, and basking in the sun make me feel at home in a city that is so different from my home. The people here have a way of making you feel welcome that is incomparable to anyone else I’ve ever met. While the views, smells, and sounds may be different than home, I think the feeling of excitement and enjoying is something that I think all people feel, or maybe it has something to do with the water.

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