The interview

The interview: Bir Sorn Sorabilir Miyim? (May I ask you a question?)

Hello! Yun’s here. Forth Monday in Istanbul. (Already!) So many exploring has been done in this Mystery city, some of them need to be kept in secret. But now I’m going to introduce one of my exploring. I went to our studio site Eminonu after Friday’s review, and decided to make my movie ‘interview’ which was motivated by recent movie ‘interview’ in terms of reveal some new thing! Before the shooting day, I made the question sheet that make this more formal for any possibility to show the question sheet and ask people to fill it up. What I wrote in there was this.


Hello! Merhaba! I’m an architecture student from University of Minnesota. I’m currently working on a project ; redesign Ferry Station in Eminonu. It will be really helpful to have your opinion!

Q1. What do you like about the Eminonu?

Q2. Do you like this Ferry Station? Why?

Q3. If you can change something in here, what would you like to do? (Add something? Or something you really don’t like about?)

Thank you so much for your answers. I really appreciate it!


In terms of Istanbul’s very antiquity, I hand-wrote 8 of them. We’ll see it worked or no later! Eminonu ferry station area is very centralized. I mean how people move, where people go are mostly specified. People from the bridge, mostly on the site for the ferries, when the metro stops and people get off, the crossroad gets very crowded, and once they cross there, they are dispersed to each station. Some people goup to the bridge to cross the water. When commute ferry docks in the station, it gets really busy to both bridge and crosswalk direction. Maybe it’s a favorite time for simit vendors. I use to come from the bridge and walk toward the ferry station, but this time, I went opposite direction, crosswalk to the bridge.

After I got off from the Eminonu metro station, pass the crosswalk and walk along the sea line walking back toward the bridge. As I expected, when I go further over the last ferry station, I can count the whole people in that area. (I mean very small number of people!) And now, I made my mind to start the interview. Bohoo!

11084547_762690150513085_1920788952_n (1)

The first place that I noticed on the way was the information box. It was small designed container box, and two people were working in there. Let’s be brave! I asked them that they can speak English, and the conversation was begun with one man. I think at the beginning he misunderstood me that I actually build a new Ferry station there, that he kept saying I need to talk with government and he really loves where he’s working. After I explained myself again as an architecture student, he explained me some of his personal wishes. He really like the city Istanbul itself that wants to keep the historical and cultural value and sad about how those old things are ignored in those days. He specifically mentioned about the Japanese and Korean architecture in terms of keep the traditional elements in their architecture. I didn’t even say that I’m from Korea at that time, but I was glad that he mentioned that even though I don’t really agree about it. After that, we kept talking about the government stuffs, where those important buildings are located. Oh, and I was already giving up my question sheet. Not just because of my hand righting, but also I concluded body language works way better. Anyways, with his small wish, he also recommended me to talk with working people in the ferry station. I asked him to take selfie with me for the evidence, but he denied….. My heart was broken, but it was a good start!


It seems creepy, but I took a picture of him while he was talking with other tourist.. I’m sorry and thank you for your awesome opinion!

The next Ferry station that I faced was the one to the Kadikoy. Two exactly same stations are in there next to each other. When I get there, it was very close to the departure time. Since it was commuting time, the station was very busy and people who working in there were very busy with doing their job too. After the ferry left, I started to talk with this man! Since I was standing there for so long till the ferry left, he might think I’m lost and looking for something. Even I didn’t say anything, he was opening the ferry time table and asked me where I want to go. I slowly explained myself and I was going to go over those questions that I made, but it took so long time to communicate at the beginning. He had same response that I should talk with government people at the first time, and even kindly let me know how can I get to there. Even though conversation went to the wrong direction, I was keep trying to ask him with different words using all my English vocabulary (haha). I started to give him an example of if you can change something in here or if you can build a new ferry station in here, and so on. When we finally got each other, he talked about the office space in the Ferry station.


Where he had his working place was right next to the entry machine. It was really small, only one person could get in and even small than that. He was so excited about talking about this, even though he looked like worrying about the ‘government’. He said something I really wanted to hear. He said he needs a better working space. Not only for him, but also broadcasting, helping docking, cleaning people’s space. When the conversation went deeper, we even talked about his family and his university life too. When he talked about the his daughter, he mentioned the Korea randomly again. I think it was started from the communication problem between us two. He said his daughter speaks Korean, and she loves Korean things. For the random addition, here in Turkey and S.Korea was used to call as ‘brother countries’. It’s from world war 2 that we helped each other, and I remember 2002 World cup that those two countries met in the semi-final. Even Korea lost, still many Korean remember it as one of the best national games. “Life is working people”. This is what he said. He is working hear about 20 years, he said it’s not like that amazing job and hard work, but he’s still loving it. Now as an architecture student, I got a responsibility to design a good ferry station not only for the people who use the station, also for the people who work in there.


As you can see, this guy is working whole day in this tiny container box.


I was being a stalker on him, and everytime the Ferry arrived, he helped docking and need to open the fence for the exit, and close it when it’s done. After a few minutes later, some people from the Ferry came out late, and he needed to open it again. Also people from the street came to him and asked to get in. This confused me very much and they need a better path way for people, and I really felt that saying ‘good architecture, good design makes the life easier’ haha.11072226_762690047179762_2036868918_n

This man was keep walking along the fence. I’m not sure where his destination is. Same as we are. I believe we all feel same. We are all very happy about we have our own working studio space now. Not only the functional ferry station, we all have a responsibility to those people I interviewed and more. Oops, I couldn’t even bring out my question sheets. Need to practice Turkish more!

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