Miniaturk and a Mini Adventure

Turkey is a place that has consistently surprised me. Just when you think you’ve got this placed figured out, it turns around and spins you for a loop. To start, there have been several days where it has been warmer in Minneapolis, Minnesota than it has been in Istanbul. Its 70 degrees there and beautiful when it is a whopping 50 and raining here. With this wonderful weather and being so close to each other all the time, a lovely cold has gone around our group of students and gotten multiple people sick. Mostly coughs and runny noses but there have been many different symptoms, some worse than others. Personally, I got the cold and two days later I found that I had an ear infection. If anyone has had one before you know how crappy and uncomfortable it can be. What was surprisingly not uncomfortable was the going to the hospital to get it checked out. Normally I would freak out at the name hospital but it was so quick and easy that I wasn’t even phased. I got in contact with Ozayr who helped the Accent team get me an appointment in the morning on Monday and I was in and out in 30 minutes with a prescription and relatively high spirits. I don’t think that has ever happened to me in America so it was a very nice surprise! I was back to class later that day and things have been going well since.

Today we took a venture down to a strange little place called Miniaturk which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a park full of these scale models of famous builds throughout Turkey and what was the Ottoman Empire. A mini Turkey for kids and architecture students like us to enjoy and run around in. It would be have been a dream for us except for the fact that lovely Istanbul weather decided it would be 46 and rainy today instead of the wonderful 68 and sunny that one might expect from April in Istanbul. Regardless we were there for 3 hours and sketched all of these beautiful models in our handy, dandy, notebooks. It really was a beautiful place and it was very interesting to see such monumental buildings that we have experienced at full scale and seen on the inside, to then shift and see what the whole thing really looks like from this birds eye, 360 like, view. It shows you what something like the Blue mosque or the Chora church, which we have studied in class, are like as a mass in space rather than a place that one inhabits. It also helps with drawing since these things are already to scale and we don’t have to guess how big something is or what the proportions are. Trust me, this is a very important thing for us since it is nearly impossible for us to see the extent of the exteriors of the actual buildings.

So rain or shine, sickness or health, for better or worse, Turkey is a place that continues to amaze and surprise us. And in the end, it all comes out to be another adventure for us to blog about!

20150407_145001[1] 20150407_131118[1] 20150407_131048[1] 20150407_131030[1]

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