Small City Beneath a Mountain

I ended up venturing off from the group to take a trip to Ephesus with my family.  Here are some fun facts you may not have known about Ephesus

There was a commission for a rail line to be built through the existing site of Ephesus, excavation exposed its first layering of ruins and the build was put on indefinite hold.  Little did anyone know attached to these ruins lied an entire ancient city, to this date Ephesus is only 20% excavated

Ephesus is understood to span across the existing streets and up the mountain (the light green line of grass is a good indicator that ruins lie beneath) IMG_6889  The first portion of Ephesus is identified as the main entrance as its’ origin if from the city walls which can be spotted atop the surrounding mountains.  It is also from these mountains an aqueduct can be found and traced back to two cisterns, one for holding water and the other for flowing water through the city.

The entry area of the city is understood as the governmental area. There are a few indicators of this: As per their current status there is to be no residential section of this area. The arena theater seats only a handful of the Cities projected population which indicated it was only for selective people.  There is a long passageway with a very wide street which would have been lined with street shops in its day.  This is considered the main city street of Ephesus as it leads to the docks. Ephesus was built on trade.

IMG_6883IMG_6885 IMG_6886   IMG_6893

There are two infrastructures that link Ephesus back to Rome.  Trajan Fountain which stood as tall as Celsus Library (the 3rd largest library of all ancient cities. Ephesus is also home to one of the Ancient Wanders of the World: the Temple of Artemis.  However all that is standing of it today is a single column.

IMG_6894 IMG_6896


At the end of the excavated city there is a huge theater that hold somewhere close to 25,000 people.  It is still used today for private concerts.  IMG_6908

This is a magical place filled with endless promise and treasure.  It sits glistening in the sun in the valley of two large mountains. Poppies and tulips bloomed about.  I cant wait to be back, as I know for a fact there will be new secrets and treasures to learn each time I visit.

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