T-Minus 7 Days

T-Minus 7 Days. Where did the time go?  I thought I would get a little sentimental for a blog post today considering we only have one week left. What better way to do so than to blog a memory per day for the remaining days of the trip. So here we go! Here are 7 things I will never forget about our time in Istanbul.

Seven Turkish words I will remember forever.  Another shout out to Hande for the Turkish lessons. Like I said in my last post, I am terrible at retaining a second language, but there are definitely phrases and words that I won’t forget for whatever reason. They are as follows:

  1. Teşekkür ederim- Thank you
  2. Mimar- Architect
  3. Merhaba- Hello
  4. Güle güle- Goodbye
  5. Görüşürüz- See you later
  6. Günaydın- Good morning
  7. Manti- Turkish ravioli (I am going to miss this the most)

Six days of spring break. Oh to be on the beaches of Kusadasi or in the caves of Kapadokya again. Our spring break was definitely on for the books. We spent 6 glorious days relaxing and exploring in Kusadasi, Kapadokya, and Ephesus. The sites we saw and the things we did could be whole blog posts themselves. The photographs cannot compare being there in person, but for the sake of trying to convey the point we will give it an attempt.


Five AM.  The 5 AM wakeup time for the hot air balloon ride was definitely worth it. Once again, breathtaking. Cross that off the bucket list!hot air balooning

Four firm visits. One of the best things about our trip in particular is the opportunity to connect with designers that we would not have had the chance to elsewhere. The firm visits that we had were impressive to say the least. We had the opportunity to meet with TAK, Autoban, Superpool, and we are visiting Emre Arolat Architects tomorrow (can’t wait!). If you haven’t heard of them, you should do a little googling because they are all a pretty big deal. Below are some links to their website. Check them out. They are all definitely worth your while.





Three day trips. Over the duration of our time in Istanbul, we have had the opportunity to visit Bursa, the Belgrade Forest, and Edirne. I have said it before in the blog, but some of my favorite days of the trip are those that we spend on day trips. They allow you to see what life is like out of the city, which is especially important for Turkey, where rural life is completely different than that of life in Istanbul. It is nice to get away sometimes.belgradeBursa

Two free puppies. I did a little research on google and in Istanbul, a city of 11.3 million people, there are at least 150,000 free-roaming dogs. Wowza.  No one can replace Doug, our class dog roaming Besikitas, or the two cocker spaniel puppies at the pet store, or the numerous puppies in Taksim at night, or the dog from our Bosphorus day cruise (apparently it can be difficult being here when you grow attached too easily). While each of these dogs were hard to say good bye to after the 10 beautiful minutes I spent with each of them, there were two in particular that were given to us in Kapadokya, Peenie and Cheech. That’s right, given to us for free.  While I still don’t see the logistical problems of bussing them around for the day, watching them in the hotel, flying them back to Istanbul, taking care of them in our apartment, and then flying them home to America, I guess Ozayr was right in suggesting we leave them there. Until next time, Peenie and Cheech.peenie and cheech

One first-rate study abroad family.  Oh the memories and stories from this trip. Certainly too many for a list of seven. I may be biased, but I think we had the best study abroad family ever.


I’ll stop before I get too mushy. Until next time, Istanbul!

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