Do I Have to Leave?

As I sit at my couch writing to you, I reminisce on my last few moments on our amazing Journey across the world.

Some of the things I now realize i will miss the most from Istanbul:

1.Casually walking past worldly monuments as they so easily became part of my daily routine to see them. As I walked around on my last day in Istanbul I took one last trip to Hagia Sophia and found my heart sinking.  Heavy that not only will I not be able to see this amazing piece of historical architecture every day, but more than likely never again.  This simply breaks my heart. (good thing I have my Visual Culture project  to remember it with)

2. The Food.  Oh sweet çorba how I miss thee. ( I know I know call me simple) And of course my Tavuk Pilav.

3. Having my family of friends available 24/7.  I had not idea how much each and everyone of my abroad family influenced my everyday life until I came home.  Now Three days seems like three months, and I miss them all so much already!! Knowing no matter what you wanted to do with your day, one of the sixteen of them was bound to join you as your partner in crime for the day. ( Shout out to our accent family and professors for making us all feel at home and comfortable with not only our surroundings but ourselves as well)

4. Having everyday be a new adventure. Each time you walk out your apartment door you began a new journey for the day that was filled with endless memories and numerous new experiences and perspectives the city has to offer.  Being back in the daily trudge of life has proven to leave me itching for more adventure.

5. SPEAKING TURKISH like a cool cat 🙂

Istanbul was eye opening, inspiring, and the adventure of a lifetime.  I will forever cherish all of the memories I made, the people I met, and the lessons I learned.

Although I will more than likely not gt the opportunity to go back, I will forever hold it in my heart

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