One Last Thing.

One Last Thing.

A few days ago, I went to an exhibition at the Tophane i Amire in Istanbul, a building designed by Sinan as a cannon foundry for the Ottoman fleet. There is – until May 31st – an exhibition on Koca Mimar Sinan. The best part of the show (at least for me) was a 16 minute video of Istanbul, seen over 4 seasons, from the minarets of the Master. It was breathtaking. I sat, completely transfixed, and got to see the city I love in a way I can never see it. Watch it in HD -16 minutes of your time, well worth it.



    Mesmerizing. I too sat motionless, as you said transfixed.

    Thanks for this and for the posts from the semester. The closing posts from the students were well worth reading. They show increasing insight as they reflect on more than academic gains. Well done.

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