There and Back Again: Looking Ahead to 2016

A last missive from Istanbul…

Final reviews ended last week, the wrap-up to a long, intense and exciting semester abroad.  We had reviews, farewell dinners, wrap-up meetings, studio and residence clean up, post review shopping (Good God, the shopping…).  Some students have returned home to Minneapolis, Chicago and other places stateside.  Still others have yet to return, preferring instead the nomad’s life.  There are students on, in, en-route to places like Budapest, Shanghai, Spain, Morocco, the highlands of Scotland (even possibly exotic Kansas)…  Travel is a great equalizer, but it is also a great educator. I learn new things all the time traveling with students.  I’ve said it before on this blog (I think), but it’s worth saying again – the opportunity to see these cities through the eyes of students is a profound gift – from their observations to their work and their drawings.  Travel is a gift. Studying abroad is that and more.

We had a terrific crop of students this year.  On behalf of all our faculty (here and in Minneapolis), our study abroad staff (here and in Minneapolis), our (and your) parents (in Minneapolis and abroad), our partner teams of academics, professionals, designers, researchers, scholars, artists, guest-critics, hoteliers, the everyday Italians and Turks from: Rome, Venice, Florence, Istanbul, Edirne, Bursa, Ürgüp,, Kusadasi… thank you to the Rome-Istanbul class of 2015:

Thank you – In some strange order, beginning sort-of-clockwise from the first studio desk we saw coming in to the center in Istanbul – to Jordan, Sam, Jack, Frank, Doug, Natalia, Charlie, Megan A, Jenny, Jess, Madison, Yun, Megan D, Lucy and Peter.  Thank you for choosing Rome-Istanbul 2015 for your Spring semester.  We said in Rome that our desire was to make this the best semester you have in school, period.  It was work – and lots of it – but we are very grateful that you elected to come here from all of the options at your fingertips.  Thank you from us all (Rachel and I, Vince and Brad, Hande, Maria, Kursad).


Rome-Istanbul 2016.  We’re planning on it.  Things are in motion.  Wheels are turning, things are happening.  Thoughts are…thoughting.

If you (a reader of our blog – a student in architecture or landscape architecture) are interested in knowing more about that – email myself or Brad (details in the contact link) for more info.  If you’re keen on coming and want to get on a pre-registration list (we’re going to cap the 2016 cohort at 16 students), e-mail me (Ozayr).  We’re hoping to finalize our 2016 group by the end of September – sooner if we can do it.

We will be updating this blog with more information soon. Check back here for details!

Looking forward to Rome-Istanbul 2016.


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