Spring 2016: Funding, Scholarships + Fellowships



The SPQR Fellowship for travel and study in Rome is open to students enrolled in the Architecture program at the University of Minnesota.  Applications will open in the Fall semester and the finalist is announced in early January. Travel and study are in the Spring semester or Summer.  Students traveling to Rome on the Rome-Istanbul Study Abroad program are eligible to apply.  Please see the SPQR website (link below) for more details on eligibility.  For full instructions about the application process and obligations, please contact Professor Ozayr Saloojee.  The recipient of the SPQR Fellowship will be asked to produce original drawings for the fellowship, as well as maintain a regular blog on their experiences in Rome as well as assist in the promotion of the SPQR fellowship for the coming academic year (2016) through a public presentation and poster design.

The Fellowship is funded by the seventeen past fellows and their supporters with donations to the University of Minnesota College of Design. More information about the Fellowship can be found at www.spqrfellowship.org.  Our previous SPQR Fellows on the Rome-Istanbul Study Abroad were: Satavee Kijsanayotin (2013), Ben Dose (2014) and Yun Koo (2015).  You could be next!


2.  Undergraduate Study Abroad Resources via The Learning Abroad Center. Check out this excellent resource for potential funding sources through the University of Minnesota.

3.  Stay tuned for more info on scholarships and fellowships – including the amazing Abrahamson Travel Fellowship.

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