Program Updates – August 9th, 2015


Update #2: August 9th, 2015

Hello! We’ve been working to figure out some logistic things out for the Spring 2016 program and we’ve pinned down a few things – including the program fee.  For this coming year, the program fee for Rome-Istanbul will be $15,800.  Check the “Fees” link on our homepage to see a breakdown of costs.  We’ve worked hard to try to keep the numbers down as much as possible and will be working with our department and University to track down scholarships, funding opportunities and fellowships.  Stay tuned for more information on that as it becomes available.  Also, we’ve been working to help find some cheap options for flights and have managed to find a great company who has tracked down possible Chicago-Rome + Istanbul-Chicago flights for under $800.  We’ll keep tracking that and will get details out as soon as we can.

In other news, a good friend of ours (also a passionate Turkophile) sent us a video link (below) and we have been watching it obsessively. It’s a beautiful video tour of Turkey – featuring some of the sites and landscapes we hope to see in a few months (okay, 204 days).  Watch it in HD. Enjoy!


Istanbul_172240118 Rome_144823177UPDATE #1: July 17th, 2015

Hi / Buongiorno / Günaydin (That’s Turkish for “Good Morning,” incidentally)

This is the update page, peeps! We’re going to keep a set of running updates at this link over the rest of the summer and fall semester, so check back here for new info and reminders.  Pre-registration – which as you’re heard – is now open.  There’s a sign-up sheet at Professor Saloojee’s office door (151J) in Rapson Hall and – if you’re in the neighborhood – you’ll see a big poster* up in the Rapson Courtyard with some more details. Make sure to e-mail us as well so we’re sure to have your name on the list.

The first update is about scheduling – one date and time to get on your calendar: September 11, 2015 at 6pm in Rapson 56. We’re going to have an introductory presentation (schoolwide) for the Rome-Istanbul Program as well as the M.ARCH and MLA “Cities on Water” Program – which will travel this year –  for the entire spring semester – to the Netherlands and will conclude in Istanbul, overlapping with our program.  At this meeting in September, we’re going to talk about the program, go over some details and basic logistics and have some former students around to chat about their experiences abroad so you’ll have a sense of what to expect; we’ll also drop some knowledge about our awesome Istanbul studio projects when we get to Turkey. And, we’ll have some free food, too… likely of the Italian variety, and presumably in copious quantities. Everybody likes Mesa, right?  See you then!

*Ignore the typo on the poster (there’s an image of it below) hanging in Rapson Hall. I noticed the error as soon as it plotted; from now on, we can just refer to Rapson 56 as “THE Rapson 56.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 6.52.17 AM

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