It Begins


We’re back.  New faces and familiar faces.  Welcome to our Study Abroad crew for 2016! Orientation is in about an hour, then a sketching charette in and around the city, so we’re off to a full sprint.  All our students are safely in Rome, settled in to their residences, no doubt a little jet lagged, but everyone looked pretty upbeat at dinner (artichoke lasagna, sheep ricotta bruschetta + a little chocolate cake and tiramisu…).  Blogging commences with a vengeance as of now!  Stay tuned for posts from our students and faculty, with the occasional blog hijack from some little people too. We’re so glad to be back in the Eternal City, so thankful to our students and their families for signing on to this adventure and grateful for our blog followers for tagging along.  It promises to be a great semester and we’re looking forward sharing it with you all.


  1. Benissimo ! This is always one of my favorite posts. Yes, yes. Happy BDA, BS, BED faces. Looking forward to reading about your adventures and learning in Roma and beyond! -gayla

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