They’re off!

Orientation was at 9 am this morning (safety, food, la bella figura, food, critical distinctions between restaurants and trattorias…), followed by a quick walking tour of the neighborhood around Piazza del’Orologio, then an introduction to the Rome Drawing Project, the course schedule… followed by our introductory drawing charette around the Centro Storico.  We do this in part to get students acquainted to being out and about (drawing-on-site is a key part of this study abroad), to get a sense of where folks are at with their levels of drawing comfort and skills and to see how complementary pairings (and this year, 1 tripling) become the course groups.

We spent three hours in the Centro, popping in and out of beautiful spaces, lingering a while to take them in, to sketch, sketch and sketch.  Bramante’s Cloister was first on the itinerary, then a quick trip across Piazza Navona to Borromini’s Sant Ivo alla Sapienza with the day’s close at the Pantheon.  Requisite attention was given to key future stops on this short little Roman circuit today – Caffe Sant’Eustachio (upon Professor Comazzi’s recommendation), T’azza D’oro (emphasized by Professor Satkowski), the occasional art store, a good restaurant… okay, several of those.

Tomorrow we’re on a long-walkabout.  10am at St. Peters.  Those boots better be made for walking.



    • Ozayr

      Hi Ken – this year we have a supergroup of three students working on the Forum, Colosseum and San Clemente; in previous years we’ve only ever had groups of two…

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