Blog Hijack 1: The Bioparco!

Hi everyone! My name is Hafsa, I am 9 years old.

And my blog post is about the Bioparco zoo! It is just behind the Borghese Gallary, it is the best zoo in Italy! (and the only one i know.)

So first, I saw the giraffes! In Italian “giraffa!”


Now for the best part ever, the fuzziest guinea pigs in the world!!DSC08250DSC08252

Aren’t they so fluffy!!! yay!

Next is the teeny tiny little kangaroos (they’re so cute)DSC08270DSC08269

Now the cute little leemers with the fuzzy little tails and King Julian faces!


DSC08276 Now the lions with there big paws,and fluffy fur  AND JUST BEING CUTE!!!DSC08292DSC08296DSC08288

And the best elephant ever… We named him Biryani!!! (after Papa’s favorite food and because he is an Indian elephant)DSC08298DSC08299

Well, I guess that’s it, i hope someday you get to go and get to see all these amazing animals!

See you soon! Hafsa.


  1. Oh my goodness, Hafsa! Who knew there were so many animals from so many continents meeting up in a zoo in Rome! Yes, yes, keep up the posts on what you see fresh from your nine-year-old eyes!

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