On an Evening in Roma

Ciao to all you lovely readers! I’m Bella and I am one of those lucky students to get to travel to Rome and Istanbul to study this semester. You might have heard of us.
I can’t really chose just one thing to talk about in this post. There is so much see and experience every day and it is indescribable. I guess they best way to put it into words is that all I have to do in the morning is roll out of bed and I’m in the Eternal City. On my morning walk, be it to the Accent Center, my project site or a local coffee bar, I pass any host of historical and monumental sites, be it Roman ruins or a church designed by Carlo Maderno. It’s incredible to behold, the layers of history and culture present around every wind in a cobbled street. This is especially apparent at the Campidolglio, the Capitoline Hill that has held an important place in Rome since the time of the Empire. On Wednesday, Jake and I went to the Musei Capitolini, the first museum in the world. We spent 5 hours among the art and artifacts. I think Jake was pretty fed up with it all at the end. On Tuesday we went to Villa Borghese and saw and drew an array of sculptures. And today we went to the Musei Vaticano, which was easily the most incredible place I’ve ever been, architecturally speaking. The power and beauty of the place is unbelievable.
Paulo has given us two lectures, the first of which included a walking tour of the Via Venti Settembre, including three churches and culminating at the Trevi fountain. He showed us examples of architecture by Bernini and Boromini (and a facade by Moderno). He outlined the traits of each of them, how they approached architecture and what they looked for. They are the two giants it seems, so being able to easily identify one from the other seems important (also it’s a really cool thing to know).
As for life outside the realm of the arts, we have been here for just over a week and I think everyone is getting into the swing of things, eating, sleeping and drawing. Mostly eating. I’ve only had gelato once, which I’ve been told is abominable on my part. I may have had close to a dozen cornettos and cappuccinos though. Dr. Steve Brule says wine was first made in Rome. So I’m taking that as fact. And my roommates will not stop singing Dean Martin, hence the title of this post.

I hope this allowed you all a glimpse into the fun we are all having here, arrivederci! Bella

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