We interrupt our regular Italian programming…

… for cats! Istanbul is a city of cats (dogs too, but mostly cats).  Cats are, in fact, so plentiful that someone had to go and make a movie about them. Here’s the newest teaser trailer for the upcoming movie “Kedi” (Turkish for “cat”)

And here’s the original trailer:

Cats are so common that stores keep small ziploc bags of catfood for purchase on your morning/evening commute for you to dispense to your favorite felines.  Municipalities (“Belediye”) often build and maintain cat-houses; tiny gabled apartments dot the landscape all over the city.  Cat sanctuaries abound – it’s really like having little Largo Argentinas all over the place… near the Galata Tower, behind our Center, on neighborhood streets, even inside mosques (field trip!).

Apartment dwellers will jury rig lowerable cat-feeding stations (upcoming BDA workshop!) from upper balconies to the street below.  Often cut out of large water containers, these are now de-facto catfood dumb-waiters, watched and waited for by the neighbourhood gang of cats. We keep a running cat count in our family and though its easy to lose track, our first year in Istanbul we hit 970 cats (uniquely different cats) in our time there.  For now, though – we make do with Largo Argentina here in Rome.Gatto



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