Blog Hijack! Top Ten Facts About Galileo!

Hey guys my name is Hafsa! I am back again to tell you some facts about Galileo! I’ve done some research about him in the last few weeks and I visited his museum in Florence! I have found so many facts so thats what this blog post is about! So lets get started!IMG_7956

1. When Galileo was a kid he wanted to be a priest (but his father encouraged him to go into science)

2. Galileo was the oldest of six siblings! imagine being troubled that much!

3. Galileo was blind by the ripe old age of 74!

4. Galileo made the first thermometer!! (though it was not very efficient)

5. Isaac Newton was born on the day Galileo died! What a coincidence!

6. Galileo was an Physicist, Mathematician,Astronomer, and Philosopher! Imagine going to work each day… all those jobs!

7. Galileo was buried twice first as a punishment because he was heretic and then a proper burial after!

8. Two of Galileo’s fingers and a tooth are on display in his museum in Florence! So if your traveling make sure you stop by and take a look!

9. Einstein was Galileo’s biggest fan! #biggestfan!

10. Another one of Galileo’s fingers are on display in the same museum… his middle finger. Is it pointing into the sky or is he saying something to the church!? 😉IMG_7961

So thats it, but i will be doing many more so I will see you soon!

See ya then!

Hafsa 🙂


  1. Oh my goodness. So many facts about Galileo that I did not know … and yet, um … what’s up with fingers and teeth? Was he also known for biting his nails????

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