Lost and Found

Ciao from Roma!! My name is Cameron and I am a landscape architecture student from the U! I cannot believe our time in Rome is coming to a close. Although we have been here for a month now, I am still amazed by everything around me. Rome is filled with layers upon layers of history and it has been great to be able to catch a glimpse of the past around every street corner. This past month has been filled with amazing lectures exploring Rome as well as endless amounts of gelato, chocolate cornettos and pasta.

My time here in Rome can be described as first getting lost too many times to count, but also as finding and discovering beautiful streets and places.

Being extremely directionally challenged and having a somewhat wandering mind, navigating my way through Rome has been quite an experience. I had been pretty surprised and even a little proud that I hadn’t gotten utterly lost while exploring Rome and all the side streets. This past week during lecture though I experienced just that. I somehow managed to get separated from the group while taking a small break at a bookstore in the Museum. I was a little too immersed in a book, because once I look up, I notice everyone had left. Ahh! I rush out the door hoping to catch up, but don’t see the group in any direction. I am standing at the street corner, trying to decipher which way to go. I then remembered that we were heading to Piazza Venezia, so start walking down the street—after a couple minutes I realize that I am heading the wrong way-oops- so I go back to the corner. This time I see a sign pointing the direction to Piazza Venezia. Yay! I hurry over and thankfully find the group outside the Victor Emmanual Monument.

On the flip side of getting lost, I also have discovered so much here in Rome. This city is filled with so much history and architecture. I love it! While exploring my section of Rome for the project, I found my favorite, perfect, peaceful place in Rome- Via Margutta. Just one street over from the busy tourist streets, Via Margutta is a quaint, picturesque street lined with various art galleries, antique shops plus the apartment from Roman Holiday (Via Margutta 51). The courtyard of the apartment had a little art gallery with various sculptures that we were able to explore. Walking down the street I saw a flower truck driving off in the distance and was in love. Rome has been such an amazing experience and can’t believe that we only have a week left here.

IMG_8982 IMG_8977



IMG_8437 IMG_8593

Until next time! Ciao!


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