The Great Escape

Most years, the fates have conspired to have us experience Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este in deluges of Biblical proportions.  We had some luck last year and a little the year before, but nothing quite like this past weekend.  It was amazing that during our first trip, we didn’t wind up being washed into the Tiber and out into the ocean.  It was a beautiful day to visit these two places.  We piled into our bus at 8:30am and after a coronetti infused start, we hit Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli and Villa D’Este.  It was a great escape from Rome for a day. NormanNorman, drawing at Hadrian’s Villa.

GarrettGarrett, looking for the perfect shot at Hadrian’s Villa.

Adam_AmandaS_Micheal_JuliaAmanda S, Adam, Julia and Michael, drawing at the top of the Bath Complex at Hadrian’s Villa.

Jake H and Jake WJake Woll (top) and Jake Halse (bottom) at Hadrian’s Villa.

Bella_Danielle_MIchal_OliviaBella Noet, Danielle Jurichko, Michael Canniff and Oliva Lyster at Hadrian’s Villa – and after seeing a cat eat two lizards.

Emily and AmandaAmanda A (right) and Emily (seated) sketching near the Canopus at Hadrian’s Villa.

Olivia and BellaOliva and Bella drawing at Villa D’Este.

AmyAmy, at the top of the Fountain at Villa D’Este.

Amanda_AAmanda, at Villa D’Este.


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