Allora, Finito

Final Presentations were today.  The weather, thankfully, was spectacula –  a gorgeous spring day in Piazza dell Orologio.  The students worked exhaustively over the past few weeks, drawing Rome.  Their final assembled map was beautiful, a carefully constructed, thoughtful, critical, investigative, curious thing… “dreamlike, seeing Rome as if you were a bird, or some kind of superhero, or an angel,” noted one of our critics – Andrea Ponsi, who made the journey that morning from Florence to join us for these presentations. Paolo – one of our amazing historians came too, “Fellini-esque,” he said, of certain moments in the work.  Curious onlookers stopped by to check out this scene of controlled chaos (lots of wind, gasps, sheets flying but recovered and now held down with books, bags, croissants; sadly – bird-poop, two direct hits near the Ponte Sant Angelo and the Castel Sant Angelo, but “thankfully missing the critical rendering and only desecrating some Nolli rendering,”).  We had local students, local faculty, some of our great ACCENT Rome staff, lots of tourists, a British person (“Oh my God.  You spent FIVE weeks on this?  ARE. YOU. PEOPLE. MAD?”), a golden retriever (a sniff only), two tour groups on a casual walk-by and a group of super cute nuns.  It was a great conclusion to our time in Rome, under a bright blue sky and overseen by Borromini’s clock.  And because you can’t really miss the opportunity for another lecture – especially by Paolo – a short walk and talk that began at one of Sansovino’s beautiful courtyards (a first for all of us), a walk to the Zecca, for a view of Borromini’s clock (a re-enacting of the Via Papalis and the Prosesso), a view of Mary above, then below – that glorious Teatrum Sacrum – back to Piazza dell Orologio and that courtyard – where it all began in January.


In Progress:IMG_8302IMG_8307IMG_8311IMG_8313IMG_8314IMG_8316IMG_8318IMG_8319IMG_8321IMG_8323IMG_8335

Some Details:IMG_8299IMG_8301IMG_8297IMG_8295IMG_8293IMG_8292IMG_8291IMG_8289IMG_8287


Back to the Beginning:IMG_0597

We’re going to be offline for a couple of days; taking a break from drawing and mapping for some napping and roaming. We’ll be back up on Monday with some final thoughts about our time here, with our flights out on Tuesday morning. Istanbul… Haydi Gidelim!

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