Roman Adventure

Buongiorno, ciao, hello! My name is Danielle Jurichko, and I am a third year undergraduate Landscape Architecture student at the University. The past month of studying abroad in the Eternal City has been wonderful, and I am eager to share with you some of my adventures, so let’s begin!

Trastevere offers its own world full of culture, tradition, history, and energy. Days are packed full of drinking cappuccinos and sketching in quiet nooks, and evenings consist of leisurely strolls through twinkling lit piazzas and enjoying gelato on the steps of Fontana del Pantheon. Not a day goes by where I don’t wake up happy here. And how couldn’t I? I coexist with ancient waters and treasured paintings. I’ve discovered second helpings of pizza feed my belly and my soul. I am bounded by my own little bubble of bliss!

Amidst stepping into the final production of our drawings, we were able to unwind with a day trip to Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este. We hopped aboard our private coach bus (how luxurious!) to make our way outside of Rome and into the beautiful, quaint town of Tivoli. Our first stop was Villa Adriana where we were welcomed by the chirping of the birds atop the canopies and the sunshine peeking through the clouds. Ozayr provided us with some historical insight and context on the grounds of the villa and then let us free to roam the ruins. Here, we passed a rectangular pool bordered by rosemary bushes (fragrant and purple as could be) and incredible frescos among the ruins that have partially survived. We also encountered a cute little kitten that ended up pouncing on not one, but two lizards… Nature at its finest.

Next stop: Villa d’Este! As the landscape architecture students have studied the past couple years, Villa d’Este is a luscious and pristine garden located in the hillside of Tivoli that features Renaissance architecture and bountiful vegetation. We wandered the garden, discovering fountains tucked into their own lush alcoves and water streaming from sculptured animal mouths. Villa d’Este was inspiring and truly reminded me of how much I enjoy studying landscape architecture. The atmosphere, sounds, smells, and vistas of the garden embodies beauty and tranquility, and I am thankful to have visited and experienced such a space.

Thank you for following our journeys through the Rome-Istanbul 2016 program. We appreciate your interest and support. Until next post, ciao!


Villa Adriana


Villa d’Este


Villa d’Este


Villa d’Este blooming rose bush


Rome sunset


Sketches at Villa Borghese




Espresso & sketching – Perfect pair!


Sketches of Michelangelo’s “David”


Final drawings in progress


Two minute sketches of Rome cityscape






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