My Tuscan Holiday

Buongiorno from Radicondoli, a charming medieval village in Tuscany. Here I sit in a cosy villa surrounded by my lovely family who made the trip over to enjoy artichokes, pecorino cheese, and Chianti Classico as well as each other.

Before finding home base in Radicondoli, we met in Rome to explore for a few days. One of our first stops was the Colosseum and Forum. As my assigned location for our project, it was exciting to be able to walk them through the spaces that I drew and studied during my time in Rome. It was almost as if I was walking them right along our map!

These fragments of Ancient Roman society had become home base for me. It became a “norm” to see the Arch of Constantine, the Temple of Vesta or the Colosseum on a daily basis. As I finish up my time in Rome, I am realizing how truly remarkable it was. When will the sentance: “Hey I’m going out to sketch the Colosseum, be back later!” be used again? I hope soon. My families reactions to the countless marble encased churches, statues sculpted to perfection, and breathtaking fountains scattered throughout the city reminded me how lucky I am to have been able to see, sketch, walk throughout and make countless memories within the Eternal City. I will miss Roma so so much!

View through the Arch of Constantine


We love Toscana


View into the Colosseum


Walk along the Tiber


Exploring Radicondoli with Ma

But hey – pretty soon it will be “I’m going out to sketch the Hagia Sophia, be back later!” Leaving isn’t all bad, huh?

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