Burada Seviyoruz (I Love Here)


Had the time of my life in Italy, however, I don’t miss Rome. The work we did there was significant and allowed us to express our drawing skills. The moment we stepped out of the Ataturk airport and wondered on and into the streets of Istanbul, I knew I would love it here. The smell of Kebab on every street had me ready for the switch from carbs to protein.

Moreover, I was surprised at us, we had all become so close, so attached to one another that we all started to sound like each other.  We could predict each others responses, we had grown to tolerate, and at times love each others annoying behaviors.  We were no longer strangers. After Five weeks in the Eternal city and one eventful birthday celebration, we had become a family. A family with quirks, and at times dislike for each other, but we come together and support one another. I love here, not just the city for its beauty, but for giving me more time to spend with my new family. More time to get to know each of them better, and each of them to get to know me.

Today I decided to do something i have not done in a very long time. I have begun a series of drawings that are gifts to my study abroad family. A design that has been a part of me since childhood.The wings and heart represent my beliefs of making the heart light of worry and stress. Allowing your heart to feel, be broken, be torn,  but above all be willing to love again. It is a bit sappy, but its what helps me smile through the hard times. So far I have only gotten a few done, but they look promising.

So far I have completed Olivia, Jake H., Jake W., Julia, Amanda Anderson and Emily’s sketches in each of their books. I have a lot more to go, but I will complete this series because it represents a part of my heart that each of them now holds.

Additionally, it has helped me to get back into the mood of sketching, a mood needed in order to keep up with the 5 sketch a day quota required of us. I am finally feeling back on my game after a brush with the flu our first week here and ready for what ever Mr. Salojee throws at us.

GuleGule, until next time…


P.S. This is Emily lol 🙂

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