1st Review Down

Hello everyone!

Today was a big day here in Istanbul- we have just finished our first studio review! Hooray! In groups of 2 and 3, we sketched, diagrammed, mapped, video recorded, observed, and and ate our way through the study of 6 existing ferry terminals located on both the European and Asian sides of the city. We will use our findings from these studies when thinking about how we might redesign elements of the Kadikoy Ferry terminal, which is the site of our semester studio project.

I’m very proud to describe the hard work and ultimate success we had today during our presentations. As we gathered together in our classroom at accent, it was obvious that each group spent the time getting to know and understand their precedent study site through firsthand visits and lengthy discussions among group-mates. We all clearly demonstrated that we are learning a lot here!

I worked with Cameron and Jake W to investigate a site called Eminonu, which sits on Istanbul’s historic peninsula. The site seems crazy in the way it manages to accommodate the path of cars, people, trains, trams, and boats, without any linear organization. The most amazing part is that somehow the site works well, and all of these people and vehicles manage to go where they need to , if not by the most surprising and nonsensical route.

This attitude toward urban space one of the things I have enjoyed most since getting to know Istanbul. It is somewhat similar to the winding paths of Roman streets yet at the same time more chaotic and more useful. How can this be?! As the semester continues I hope to understand more about how space is used in the city…though judging by the way things are going I may still be left scratching my head come May, smiling nonetheless.






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