By the Horns, As it were.

We moved to Madrid yesterday, everyone up early and on the plane from Sabiha Gökcen airport, troopers all.  We’re checked in to our housing, near el Corte Inglés; student residences come with a basketball court so there was, I heard, a pick-up game as an afternoon break in between check-in and orientation.  We met some of the great ACCENT Madrid team at our orientation and followed that up with a Tapsa dinner near Puerta del Sol – croquettes, grilled octopus, tempura(?) eggplant with honey and tomato sauce – at El Lacon. Apparently Spaniards eat 5 meals a day and dinner starts around 10.  We may have to adjust our schedule a little…

Students asked if they get some time off and, according to the draft schedule, we’ve got an afternoon open on April 8th (tentatively)… This morning we have a walking tour of Madrid and we kick off our Spain studio work in the afternoon.  We’re definitely hitting the ground running.

Sad, of course, to have left Istanbul (we passed a döner place on the way home last night that will bear further investigation), but we’re looking forward to this gift of an unexpected extension to our time in Spain. 18 degrees (celsius) and beautifully sunny today, lots of red and yellow; there’s definitely a cafe con leché (en basso) ahead.


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