IMG_1488.jpgThis past weekend we were given the chance to explore the town of Toledo. Just a short jaunt from Madrid, this small town had a completely different atmosphere than its sister city. Toledo was a refreshing change of pace. We were able to roam the streets and find the secret niches of the city, which brought back memories of our time in Italy. We started out tour at a church that had been converted from a mosque that had been constructed in 1100. The Moorish architecture was refreshing to see, it showed the physical layers that this town had seen over its existence. After this we visited one of the most beautiful examples of gothic architecture I have ever seen. I felt like was walking through the set of Harry Potter. IMG_1513.jpgWe spent most of our time sketching and soaking up the sun in a tree filled cloister. After the tour concluded, the main group separated and went out on the search for lunch. Olivia, Danielle, Bella, Julia and I booked in to the closest restaurant that had chairs in the sun. We sat down only to realize our menus were not only in Spanish but also hand written. Danielle our personal translator was unable to read the menu. Completely lost and not able to understand any word on the menu, I decided to order at random. Pointing to random things on the menu, I ended up ordering a delicious three-course meal. After all of the food we ate at lunch, we decided we were in desperate need of dessert. We found a small convent where the nuns sold delicious looking pastries! Together we bought a box of chocolate covered marmalade cookies. Our time in Toledo was an amazing break from our hectic schedule back in Madrid. Now back to researching the Prado!IMG_1512

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