That’s A Wrap.

WE FINISHED OUR PROJECTS. I have no idea how we all managed to do it, but everyone deserves a huge round of applause for their hard work throughout the past few weeks. There have been a lot of late nights, way, way too much chocolate consumed and just enough Beyoncé played. Everyone’s presentations today were inspiring and engaging and I was definitely reminded of how talented our little family is. Way to go guys!

I was a part of the Reina Sophia group with Amanda, Amy and Norman. We chose to do our project completely analog, and the results turned out really well! Drawing in graphite brought me back to our time in Rome and our final presentations there. Us four are going to have graphite fingers for a few days – definitely worth it.

Our concept was to create a surrealist primer for the Reina Sophia museum. We added a new façade, enhanced the landscape, created a temporary exhibition space, and, of course, we also dug a four story void into our site. During our presentation there were a few suggestions to fill the void with dolls, make it into a shark tank or even a ball pit – all wonderful ideas, I will get right on that! Here are a few photos of our final designs:




Perspective section showing void


Landscape and building plan




Practice set up


WE DID IT. “bring the beat in”


I have a feeling that Masterhome Residencia will not miss us taking over the lounge, cafeteria and terrace and leaving pencil shavings everywhere, but it has been really great having space to work, our own rooms and, of course, Simply Market right across the street.

So, we are off to Barcelona! Everyone is excited to see some Gaudi and Picasso and to enjoy the seaside.  I have a feeling that everyone is either packing, napping, or buying snacks for the train tomorrow. I should probably join ‘em.

Hasta luego!


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