This blog and website provides information about the College of Design’s (at the University of Minnesota) semester-long study abroad programs to Rome and Istanbul.  In development since 2006,  this program saw the launch – and opening – of the University of Minnesota’s Istanbul Center, in partnership with the College of Design and Accent International.  Located in Istanbul’s vibrant Beyoğlu district, our Center was renovated by the renowned Turkish architectural office: Erginoğlu and Çalişlar. In the Spring of 2014, our undergraduate students will spend 5 weeks in Rome, followed by 11-12 weeks  in Istanbul.  Our group  will include students from the School of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture – all aiming to explore the architectural and landscape fabrics of two of the world’s greatest cities, their spaces and places, people and contexts, visual culture and myriad histories.

You can find program information, details about housing, coursework, expenses and more in the website, as well as read through student reflections from our inaugural study abroad semester in the spring of 2013.

Students (with the occasional post by faculty and guests) this year will also be blogging about their experiences and encounters, their impressions and understandings, their discoveries and their roles as academic, cultural and design omnivores and as University of Minnesota Ambassadors.  Welcome – Hoşgeldiniz!  We’re looking forward to an amazing semester abroad.

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